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SANS 2019 Cloud Security Survey

The goal of the SANS 2019 Cloud Security Survey is to provide additional insight into how organizations are using the cloud today, what threats security teams are facing in the cloud, and what can be done to improve security posture in the cloud.


Scaling and Augmenting Prometheus

Common challenges that organizations face with Prometheus once they are in production involve scalability, high availability, long-term storage, and day two operational drawbacks. In the last few months, several solutions have been made available. We will discuss which approaches can be taken to run Prometheus at scale.


Sysdig Company Overview

As cloud native becomes the standard for application deployment, IT roles must adapt. Cloud teams are taking ownership for security, as well as application performance and availability. Click to learn more.


Cloud-native security with OpenShift and Sysdig Secure

Lack of container visibility can create a security gap for dynamic microservices. Thankfully OpenShift security has boosted confidence in using containers. By pairing Sysdig Secure with OpenShift, you can take your cloud-native security to the next level.


What’s new in Kubernetes 1.16?

Kubernetes 1.16 is almost here and it’s packed with cool new features, like ephemeral containers for easy pod debugging, support…