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Get the SaaS Advantage for Secure DevOps

This overview highlights the advantages of SaaS, providing insight into the operational controls and practices of the Sysdig SaaS solution designed to help you securely and efficiently implement cloud-native security and monitoring.


Security on Red Hat OpenShift

In this definitive guide to securing cloud applications on Red Hat OpenShift, we will learn how to address the challenges like implementing security and vulnerability management, compliance and audit, threat prevention, incident response and digital forensics on containers within OpenShift. Download the guide to learn best practices of implementing application security on OpenShift.


Continuous Security for AWS Cloud and Containers

This guide offers a framework for establishing comprehensive cloud and container security for AWS environments with specific recommendations for how Sysdig can complement and enhance native AWS tools.


Business Value Framework

This business value framework provides specific customer examples of business impact created by onboarding secure DevOps. It will also guide you to estimate the Return on Investment (ROI) for your organization. Click to learn more.